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    In our fast-moving world, browser bookmarks are no longer the best place for ideas, inspiration and knowledge. Your browser doesn’t give you tools to organize and resurface things you’ve saved. Even worse, you can’t access them outside of a particular ecosystem.

    Our goal is to improve how teams and individuals deal with their bookmarks. We want to bring back a passion for collecting!

    Made by an Indie Developer

    There’s no need these days to have dozens of people to create great software.
    Modern cloud technologies give everybody the power to create solid and reliable apps that can serve millions of users and terabytes of data.

    That’s why it’s possible to develop and maintain an app like this alone.

    Hi! My name is Rustem Mussabekov.
    I’m originally from the Kazakhstan, now living in Russia.
    I have a computer science degree and nine years of experience as UI/UX designer in commercial products.

    My passion for building apps began to blossom when I discovered Visual Basic 6. The idea that I could draw an elements and then translate them into a working app was blew my mind. Now, this is what I doing in daily basis.

    Raindrop.io started as my side project in late 2013. Since then, I invested a lot of time to experiment, fail, learn and grow, in the end to create a simple, beautiful and intuitive app.

    Raindrop.io is my main job and a single source of income.


    I believe in building software that lasts. Even though we’re in the Information Age, chances are a lot of information won’t be here tomorrow.

    As you may know in the last few years behemoths like Delicious and Xmarks have been shut down, not to mention other startups that tried to create a better bookmarking experience.

    Raindrop.io survived by following simple rules:

    • Spend money wisely
    • Don’t chase explosive growth
    • Focus on main features
    • Constantly improve product

    I intend to run Raindrop.io for many years.

    Paid by Users

    I don’t sell data, I sell software. The only way I make money is through direct sales of the app to you. This revenue is enough to stay independent, ignore funding and focus on product, instead of finding more ways to monetize.

    Raindrop.io has one of the cheapest pricing model on the market. I consider it a feature. I want to as many people as possible to be able to enjoy its benefits.

    Data is King

    The safety of your data is a crucial part of Raindrop.io’s DNA.

    At any given time, there are three copies of your data in globally distributed data centers. If failure happens, I can restore to any time in the previous 24h, thanks to continuous backup of the database.

    Raindrop.io have Serverless Architecture. This modern approach creates highly available services that automatically scale with zero administration. This way you can expect almost zero downtimes.

    If you want to be even more confident, just use our automatic backup solution that supports Dropbox or Google Drive at the moment.

    Safe & secure

    Each user and team using Raindrop.io expects their data to be secure and highly confidential. I understand the importance of keeping users’ data private and work to do very best make sure this is the case at all times.

    For more information about our policies, please make sure to review our Terms of Service as well as our Privacy Policy.

    Raindrop.io uses Amazon Web Services for processing and storage, and thus inherits their state of the art security levels.

    It features a dedicated firewall, key-based SSH login, and extensive monitoring features. Only me have direct access to the hosting machines and their logins are secured using two factor authentication.

    The hosting system is kept up to date perpetually and monitored against intrusion. All Raindrop.io user connections are encrypted using HTTPS using state of the art RSA 2048 bits keys. Its configuration supports current security features such as PFS and SHA256 digests. Its Qualys SSL Rating is «A».

    Direct file access is protected behind the following security measures:

    • Obfuscation of the file path. It’s impossible to guess specific file URL of specific user
    • In future we will use an access tokens to access the files directly, and they will be refreshed frequently

    Community Driven

    Product decisions in many ways are made by our users through feature requests and direct communication with me. I always listen to the community.

    Raindrop.io has a terrific user community around the globe.
    Here are just a few of the things you helped with:


    • Follow us on Twitter for quick updates and announcements
    • Follow our page on Medium for press releases
    • Send your feature request or vote for existing in our roadmap
    • You can reach me by email at info@raindrop.io