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David Cooper Moore: Teaching from the Top
David Cooper Moore: Teaching from the Top
‘The teachers’ role, then, is not only to teach students what to learn, but to teach them how to learn. And you can’t teach the learning process from the top in the way that you can teach content from the top (“here’s what I know; here’s what they need to know”). You have to meet students where they are and create steps to the path. It isn’t just the teacher’s responsibility to do so — it’s the teacher’s primary responsibility. And it’s a responsibility that needs to be very sensitive to the ways in which students learn at every developmental level, from the time they’re born to the time they enter a classroom.’
David Cooper Moore: Teaching from the Top College the Easy Way College the Easy Way
“Students are hitting the books less and partying more. Easier courses and easier majors have become more and more popular. Perhaps more now than ever, the point of the college experience is to have a good time and walk away with a valuable credential after putting in the least effort possible.” “Many of these young men and women are unable to communicate effectively, solve simple intellectual tasks (such as distinguishing fact from opinion), or engage in effective problem-solving.”
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