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The Enemy is Authoritarianism
The Enemy is Authoritarianism
Looking deeper at the Israel-Hamas war and what we're all actually fighting for.
authoritarianism, an ideology that insisted on the the idea that humans do not have inherent worth outside of their subservience to a larger system, leader, and/or goal.
It also applies to things like parenting, where parents “set rigid rules with no explanation, and expect their children to obey them without question or face severe punishment. Children follow these rules because they know there are consequences if they don’t.”
The argument goes, “Yes, you have problems. We, the powerful who control your life, are on your side. And we have the answer for the root of any and all your problems: this group. They are your enemy. Focus all your energies there.”
Authoritarianism is a spectrum and a process: it is not static.
the point is that while they are different in scope and severity, they are all rooted in the belief system of authoritarianism.
There must always be an enemy to destroy or oppress. There must always be a new crisis.
antisemitism is part of “almost all extremist ideologies and narratives.”
however, it is the authoritarian impulse and belief system that is even more dangerous than antisemitism.
in an authoritarian world, there is a need for constant crises. War is inherent in authoritarianism.
authoritarianism is maximalist: either you buy in, you’re subservient, or you’re dead.
And the core problem, the destruction of internal autonomy, gets worse and worse.
The Enemy is Authoritarianism