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  • All-in-one bookmark manager

    Intuitive. Powerful. Runs everywhere

    Designed for ✐ creatives, built for {coders}

    Raindrop.io is the best place to keep all your favorite books, songs, articles or whatever else you come across while browsing.

    We're not trying to reinvent the wheel; we're working on a tool that does everything you expect from a modern bookmark manager.

    Organize with ease

    Raindrop.io is not just a pretty interface, it can help you untangle your bookmarks mess.

    Group related bookmarks within the same context. Thousands of predefined icons.

    Tags & filters

    Add tags to classify items. Search efficiently by type, tags, or domain.

    Duplicates and broken links

    Keep it clean. We help you find duplicates and pages that are no longer accessible.

    See the big picture

    All relevant info about bookmarks visible at a glance, so you can find anything fast.
    Multiple views

    View bookmarks the way you like. We have Grid, Headlines, Masonry, or List view modes.

    Instant preview

    Read articles, view videos, and browse the web without ever leaving your library.

    Connect to your world

    Want to automatically save your Twitter or Youtube favs? Need more complex integration?

    We've covered all use-cases.

    IFTTT Zapier API

    Full-text search

    The entire content of every web-page and PDF that you've saved is fully searchable.

    Look deeper beyond titles and tags.

    Find out more…

    We've got your backup

    Raindrop automatically creates copies of all web-pages and files in your collection.
    Permanent copies

    Even if a page you've saved is taken down, you'll still have a copy of it. Learn more

    Dropbox & Google Drive

    Save another backup to your cloud drive.

    Designed to be personal. Great for teamwork

    Enable access to your collection by coworkers, family or the entire web.
    Edit together

    Permissions let you control who can access each of your collections.

    Public page

    Share individual collections with the entire web. Sign-up is not required.

    Safe & secure

    SSL everywhere, 100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC.

    We keep your data safe, never sold.
    No ads & trackers. Open-source apps.

    About Raindrop.io Github

    No limits.
    Starting from $0

    Unlimited bookmarks, collections, and devices.
    Free to use indefinitely. Upgrade for premium features.

    Compare plans

    Access even outside of the browser

    Raindrop.io is available as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge extension.
    But we also have Web, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android app.

    Access your bookmarks seamlessly across all your devices.

    But wait, there's more

    Nested collections

    Create collection inside of a collection!

    Batch processing

    Add tags, move or remove multiple items at once.

    Manual sorting

    Arrange items in whatever way makes sense for your project.

    Upload media & files

    All common file types, including PDFs, images, and videos.

    Import & Export

    Move-in or move out from Raindrop.io at any time you want.


    Light or dark, your choice.

    Merge tags

    Keep your tags tidy by merging similar ones.

    Alfred Plugin

    Access your bookmarks right from Alfred search bar.