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Okay, I never write reviews but I have to do this. Seriously I have tried every bookmark coagulator out there and this one is the only one that I've been able to stick with. It's simple, pretty, and works exactly how I want it to!
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Also you can import all your bookmarks from browser and other services


Group and organise bookmarks with collections and tags to help you find them faster. Each collection will have unique look and feel with custom icon and view.




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Wow @raindrop_io is one of the best apps for organizing I've used.
The UI/UX is crazy good, case study worthy. I want them to succeed so bad.

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Share your collections and work collaboratively with your colleagues, friends and family. Or use data through simple API.

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Raindrop is an organized and beautiful alternative to traditional bookmarking and is a great way to stay social in a new way, discover new websites, and organize your bookmarks better.

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